We are LLVVZZ fans and we have something to say!


In 2010, Princess Candy Empire burst onto Twitter causing QUITE a stir!

Immediately gaining popularity from her adorable persona and hilarious tweets, her impact on social media became legendary.

At the time, Princess Candy Empire, llvvzz or @llvvzz, chose to remain anonymous, but is now known to be the mastermind genius of Dr. Allegra Alexandra Powell MD.

Dr. Powell’s rare brand of snarky tweets, which are a mixture of philosophy and sexuality, garnered her instant success. What started as a silly anonymous Twitter account now consists of countless accounts on all social media platforms, 5 businesses and 4 corporations.

As everyone knows, with success also comes the UNFORTUNATE and the LOSERS, or what people call “HATERS”

According to a prominent Internet Attorney, upon IP investigation, Princess Candy Empire’s “haters” amount to 7 known pathetic stalkers  (1 psycho stalker ex-boy friend, and 6 of his Phoenix-Area unemployed Yelp CYBER MOB buddies) who have dedicated their ENTIRE EXISTENCE  for the last 2 years photoshopping pictures, fabricating malicious lies intended to “crush llvvzz” and libel her name, including inciting CYBER MOBS in chat rooms designed to psychologically attack Dr. Powell aka Princess Candy Empire “whenever we are bored”

With the Princess Candy Empire Brand reaching close to 35 million from all social media platforms, companies around the world using her stellar photography and hiring her as a social media influencer, it’s no wonder there’s so much hub-bub.

Regardless of whatever you think of Princess Candy Empire, her vast social media influence is undeniable.